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When you implement a Fleet Management solution into your workflow your employees will be more conscious of their time management. You will spend much less time in asking “where are my guys?“ and more time knowing that they are where they are supposed to be.


Billable Hours

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When you operate your fleet at higher efficiency you simply get more done. More sales, service calls & deliveries all lead to more revenue.




Idling gets you nowhere! When your vehicles are just idling you increase the wear and tear as well as simply waste money. Be notified when vehicles are idling as well as include that in your company policy.




Speeding Kills. Speeding puts everyone and everything at risk. From the obvious safety issues to increased fuel consumption and skyrocketing insurance costs. A fleet management solution will keep speeding in check and ensure that drivers are complying of the rules of the road.

Increase Customer


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Customers always want to know when you will arrive, and that the service was performed… it is simply good customer service.



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Accountability, better scheduling, routing, ensuring that the closest vehicle is being dispatched are all efficiencies that will ensure work gets done in a timely manner. This will dramatically reduce the amount of overtime associated when operating a fleet.


Maintenace Costs

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By setting up maintenance reminders you ensure that vehicles are serviced when they are supposed to be. Predictive and preventative maintenance is crucial in reducing higher cost emergency repairs that usually result in lost productivity as well.



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When you implement a Fleet Management solution it makes people accountable and more aware of their vehicle usage. Increased safety is one of the positive by-products when employees know that vehicles are being monitored.


Billing Disputes


Being able to provide your customers an audit trail of when your employees attended their location will dramatically reduce the incidents of billing disputes. You can now show who did the work, when the work was done, for how long and at which locations.

The Bottom


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When you effectively implement a Fleet Management solution, you simply increase the bottom line. GPS Tracking is an instantaneous R.O.I. which usually results in a 5 -10 to 1 return on investment.


Fuel Expenses


When your vehicles are travelling the shortest route to your service, sales or delivery points you will reduce your fuel expenses. Extra trips that are not work related can be eliminated by implementing a company vehicle use policy.




Using route optimization as well as landmarks ensures that staff are getting to where they need to be in the most efficient manner possible. Being able to see where there is traffic congestion and avoiding it is always a good thing.


Unauthorized Usage

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Unauthorized vehicle usage dramatically affects the bottom line. When your vehicles are not making money, they are losing money!


Management Costs


A Fleet Management solution will reduce your management costs. It eliminates the need for the constant “where are they now” question which usually involves disrupting multiple people. You can now see where everyone is in real time.


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