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Live monitored camera systems get "Crime-in-Process" priority Police dispatch to catch crime as it happens.

Live Monitored Camera Systems

  • Take your security to the next level at a fraction of the cost of onsite security personnel

  • Save up to 20% on Insurance costs

  • Receive real time notifications of "crime in progress," before traditional door alarms are tripped

  • Direct contact with local law enforcement to catch crimes as they happen

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We Will Monitor Your Existing Camera System!

Live Monitored Service Pricing

(Price Per Camera)

Have eyes on your property

up to 24/7-365 days/year

$120/month for 3 month Contract

$110/month for 24 month Contract

$100/month for 36 month Contract

(New accounts are subject to a

one-time setup fee of $275

Custom monitoring hours can be arranged, we are flexible.

(taxes are extra)

3 month Cancellation policy in effect

Don't Have a Camera Yet?

We offer customized camera systems that work best for you.

2 Year Warranty is standard on cameras and recorders.

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